Song of the day ‘Lover’ – Ducktails

‘Jersey Devil’ is Ducktails first album since vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Matt Mondanile left indie rock band Real Estate to focus his energy. Released on September 15 the ten track album plays with a lot of hazy vocals, hypnagogic pop synth and Neo-psychedelic guitar.

‘Lover’ and ‘Mannequin’ deliver slightly more indie funk than the other tracks and pick up the pace which has ‘Lover’ dominating my headphones today. This is the band’s sixth studio album and is selling out Ducktails shows all over Europe and the US, however upsettingly no Australian tour dates as of yet. Fingers crossed.

The album feature’s ten tracks, runs for under forty minutes and has a great and consistent chilled, indie, psychedelic quality. Like Mac Demarco meets Tame Impala, Absolutely worth a listen.

Well alright.



Song of the day ’99 Bottles’ – Pist Idiots

Emerging South Western Sydney band Pist Idiots have received a huge amount of online praise for their self titled six track EP and inclusive single ‘Fuck Off’ released in May.

They’re currently on a short Australian tour, supporting The Gooch Palm’s. The short EP feautures some heavy punk rock tunes like ‘Dirt’s Day Off’ and ‘Surry Hills’ which will make for really energetic live performances.

Today’s song ’99 Bottles’ has a simpler, slower, grungier quality to it and pairs well with the track ‘Booze Blues’. Each of their song’s bare different elements of punk and tie together to create a really powerful first release. Let’s hope they rack up some more shows over the summer and keep releasing such good quality punk.

Well alright.

Song of the day ‘Leech’ – The Cactus Channel

Alternative soul band The Cactus Channel released the track ‘Leech’ on Monday ahead of the release of their third studio album ‘Stay A While’. Pitching a more upbeat sound than their last single ‘Storefront’ which was characteristically closer to the ‘Do It for Nothing’ EP released with Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack in March of this year.

‘Leech’s’ uptempo funky quality is filling fans with intrigue for the full collection in early November. The seven piece Melbourne bred band will be touring Australia over the coming months and it seems they will be putting on some incredible shows.

The Cactus Channel’s unique collective sound and young perspective on contemporary soul music has made every release sound so eloquent and artistic with ‘Leech’ being no exception. Repeat is on and today is set.

Well Alright.

Fleet Foxes are bringing ‘Crack-Up’ to Australia

Having released their third studio album ‘Crack-Up’ in June of this year the incredible Fleet Foxes are making their way to Australia in December for a handful of shows and here’s why you need to see them.

The band took a long six year break before making a third album. Using the time to individually grow, experience different projects and gain understanding of what they wanted to create in the future. Having used their characteristic indie folk styling of softly layered harmonies, vast instrumental arrangements and predominant strings it is evident that there is a fresh artistic enthusiasm about these songs. Yet ‘Crack-Up’ is perfectly consistent with self titled album ‘Fleet Foxes’ and ‘Helplessness Blues’.

Fleet Foxes came to Australia during May to give Sydney a sneaky pre release taste and revisit older favourites such a ‘Mykonos’ and ‘White Winter Hymnal’. They’re soon to be back with a full repertoire, boasting songs like ‘If You Need To, Keep Time On Me’, ‘Fool’s Errand’ and ‘Crack-Up’ which will captivate audiences.

Despite their shows being almost exclusively with Falls Music & Arts Festival and a performance at The Palais Theatre in Melbourne, we can only hope they expand their dates. Pecknold has said fans can expect a looser and louder feel to their live performances. The excitement is real.

Well alright.

Song of the day – ‘deadheads’ – The Montreals

Adelaide band The Montreals are bursting with all of the loveable components of a strong indie rock group. Having only broken out their debut single ‘Lo Fi’ in July of last year and released a handful of tracks since, it is guaranteed they should secure a spot on your summer playlists with their July release ‘deadheads’.

Absolutely worth a listen and keeping an eye out for as their intimate shows have pulled in some incredibly positive reviews. They’ve been described as modern SoCal meets indie rock and it’s easy to strike similarities with other Aussie indie bands such as The Jungle Giant’s and The Delta Riggs.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing and seeing plenty more from them over the coming months. Listen, enjoy and like me; wait in unreal anticipation.

Well alright.

Song of the day – ‘Cast in Stone’ – Winston Surfshirt

Track of the day is cut from ‘Sponge Cake’ the debut album of Winston Surfshirt. ‘Cast in Stone’ encompasses the smooth and well produced current blended through every track.

It’s no surprise to see ‘Sponge Cake’ make such a successful feature as Triple J’s last album of the week. Top track ‘Ali D’ snatching Triple J’s most played for two consecutive weeks and ‘Be About You’ raking in over 5.6million plays on Spotify.  

You can easily see why this album was three years in the making. The six-piece Sydney band has skilfully combined layers of well polished hip hop and symphonious jazz. It’s hard to believe this is a debut album and even harder to contain excitement for what their creative future holds.

But for now, ‘Cast in Stone’ is a faultless representative for ‘Sponge Cake’. Yes it’s a long track but if you didn’t plan on listening to the 15 proceeding it, you will feel compelled to. And for that I cannot blame you.

Well alright.