Song of the day – Anna Burch – ‘Tea Soaked Letter’

Frontier Ruckus supporting vocalist Anna Burch is releasing her first solo record ‘Quit The Curse’ tomorrow. We’ve had a sneak peak with three singles entitled ‘Tea Soaked Letter’, ‘Asking 4 a Friend’ and ‘2 Cool 2 Care’ and each track has been filled to the brim with SoCal, indie rock, dream pop feels.

Having already lined up a list of shows around the UK over the summer it’s not surprising there is so much anticipation for ‘Quit The Curse’.

‘Tea Soaked Letter’ is song of the day today with soft harmonies, catchy riffs and relatable lyrics. Yeah girl!

Well alright.


Song of the day – Methyl Ethel – ‘Drink Wine’

Perth band Methyl Ethel killed it with ‘Ubu’ coming in 4th on Triple j’s Hottest 100 this weekend. ‘Everything Is Forgotten’ is comprised of back to back tunes like ‘No.28’ and ‘Femme Maison/One Man House’. They haven’t gone unnoticed either with just shy of 500,000 monthly listeners and millions of plays on Spotify.

These guys are incredible live too, bloody great musicians. ‘Drink Wine’ has a baseline I cannot get out of my head and it’s on repeat. Have a listen and fall in love.

Well alright.

The Shins – ‘The Worm’s Heart’ releasing today.

Just a few short hours left until the Shins release ‘The Worms Heart’, a flipped version of their 2017 album ‘Heartworms’. Every track has been reimagined as its opposite and with a couple early releases, it’s shaping up to be an exciting and thoughtfully composed reconstruction.

January 5th saw the delivery of ‘Dead Alive – Flipped’, just as compelling as last years ‘Cherry Hearts – Flipped’. The track’s present soft and classic rock components and more acoustics .

Released last week, the track ‘Heartworms – Flipped’ contains new and enhanced pop characteristics and more subtle differences to its original, unlike the super fun, and glam rock ‘Name For You – Flipped’.

Sporting a new reverse track ordering (and ‘flipped’ artwork) it’ll be interesting to hear how the album flows together. There’s only one way to find out what you think of the new versions though. If you’re a fan of ‘The Shins’, if you loved ‘Heartworms’ or if you just enjoy your indie rock/pop tunes then this is definitely worth a listen.

The jury’s out, who’s ready?

Well Alright.

Song of the day ‘Toxic Slip’ – Brother Cephus 

Brothers and musicians Gabe and Seth Davis released ‘Not That Important’ on July 14 of this year. An extended play which explores indie and post rock over six tracks.

They talk about love and politics. It’s a really well constructed update of where they are as musicians having not released since 2015. The whole EP is guitar and drum centric, the two interact really well throughout; reinforcing post rock and bringing in more weight on tracks like ‘Can We Then’ and ‘What Is This? America.?’.

Brother Cephus have perfected their sound and I cannot wait to hear more. ‘Toxic Slip’ has song of the day but ‘Not That Important’ in its entirety will be playing all day.

Well alright.

Song of the day ‘Candy Wrappers’ – Summer Salt

‘Candy Wrappers’ is track one of four on Texas trio Summer Salt’s latest release ‘So Polite’. The EP is consistent with their 2015 album ‘Driving to Hawaii’ which is full of early sixties surf inspired SoCal tracks. Despite having such strong roots in surf style music Summer Salt don’t cross over into gimmick and instead balance with bossa nova and soft vocals.

The EP released earlier in the year has a incredibly chilled summer sound to it and each track will be embedded in the season’s playlist. “Candy Wrappers’ has a more indie rock vibe which is really selling itself to me today. I’ll have that.

Well Alright.


Song of the day “Edition” – Rex Orange County

Listening to Rex Orange County its hard to believe Alex O’Connor is a 19 year old lad having only released his lo-fi mix tape ‘bcos u will never b free’ in late 2015 and his first album ‘Apricot Princess’ in April this year. Incredible talent.

Both collections featuring loads of contemporary jazz, really articulate vocals and lyrics, some spoken word, rap and hip hop. This album is a far-sight more positive than his last and having established a large fan base at home in the UK it looks like there’s a lot more positivity to come.

Released on September 12 ‘Edition’ is a short track at under two minutes. It’s a great gauge of his unique style if you haven’t heard Rex’s music before. A little less instrumental and slightly more sombre than his album but still very chilled and a great track.

Thanks Ash,
Well alright.

Song of the day ‘You and Me – Demo’ – Whitney

On September 28 Whitney announced the release of ‘Light Upon the Lake: Demo Recordings’ which includes the addition of ‘You and Me’ (also a demo) and a cover of the Allen Toussaint song ‘Southern Night’s’. Subsequently the title track and ‘Red Moon’ do not show up on the new track listing.

The release of such an exciting insight in to the American duo’s creative process may have something to do with “Light Upon the Lake” receiving critical acclaim after its release in June last year. But who wouldn’t want a second serving of such a fantastic indie folk rock album!

‘You and me’ is the shiny new track and is available right now in the form of a nifty little single! An upbeat ode to a rocky relationship and a great extension to Whitney’s debut album.


Well Alright.